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PRP – own plasma with many stem cells and growth factors

PRP – vlastita plazma bogata matičnim stanicama i faktorima rasta

Plasma rich in stem cells and growth factors (PRP) is used for more than ten years in reconstructive surgery, orthopedics and dentistry. It has proven its effectiveness in wound healing and reconstruction of cartilage and bone tissue. The aesthetic surgery is used since 2003. Injecting PRP into the skin results in the activation of fibroblasts and collagen synthesis, improving blood circulation and accelerate the natural cycle of skin regeneration. PRP increases the thickness and firmness of the skin, nourishes and regenerates and improves its tone and pigmentation. All this results in improving skin health and a youthful appearance. Because of the rapid regeneration of the skin ideal treatment for patients with acne as well as to address the scars remaining after the acute phase of the disease. PRP promotes the function of the hair follicles and is an excellent method for the prevention and treatment of baldness.