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Mesotherapy with Revitacare products


MEZOTERAPIJA Revitacare preparatima

Revitacare products are compounds of hyaluronic acid, mineral salts, amino acids, and vitamins which significantly increase skin moisture, elasticity, and tone. Their use stimulates fibroblast and keratinocyte production, thus achieving an antioxidant and protective effect. This helps to remove existing intradermal lines, prevents the formation of new ones, and increases the smoothness and elasticity of the treated skin. Revitacare products are applied according to defined protocols, usually comprising five treatments one to four weeks apart. The treatments are preceded by anesthetization of the skin with anesthetic cream (Emla or Anesderm). The effect is immediately visible after the first treatment, and after each subsequent procedure the change will be more noticeable. Since the process of skin regeneration takes time, there will be further improvements of the result even 3 to 4 months after the treatment has been completed, and this status is expected to last for a period of one to two years.