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•MESOTRAX mezoniti and kogs to tighten the hanging skin


MESOTRAX mezoniti i kogovi  za zatezanje viseće kože

Mezoniti are sterile and very thin needles with spiral wound thread which are applied in order to raise the drooping skin on the face, trunk or extremities. The thread remains in the skin after removal of the needle is polydioxanone (PDS), which is used in surgery for decades. In its entirety the adsorbent, and begins to decompose within 6 to 8 months.

After the end of introduction into the skin at that site results in stimulation of fibroblast and synthesis of collagen and elastin, and it also increases the blood circulation in the skin area. About mezoniti creates a supportive network of new collagen and elastin fibers that results in lifting and tightening of the skin hanging.

The procedure is quick and minimally painful, and the result is immediately visible and improves over time.