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Lipofilling – the role of stem cells in rejuvenation


Autologous tissue is the best reconstruction material, which is also true in the case of correction of wrinkles and facial rejuvenation. Adequately harvested and applied, it acts like a natural, long-lasting filler. Fat tissue is harvested by means of special cannulas from areas where it naturally occurs in larger quantities (most commonly the lower part of the abdomen or the thighs). Upon sedimentation, vital fat cells are injected into specific parts of the face to achieve lip augmentation, wrinkle correction, cheek remodelling, and correction of facial asymmetries or scars. With this procedure it is also possible to rejuvenate the whole face and perform a so-called volumetric facelift. The procedure is done under local anesthesia. Fat cells have been proven to act like stem cells in so far that they gradually acquire the shape and quality of the fat tissue of the area into which they have been injected. In this way the quality and appearance of the skin above the site of injection is improved, and the skin appears tauter, more elastic, and less wrinkled. Due to absorption, lipofilling often requires repeated applications to achieve a permanent result.


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