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Laser hair removal - painless to smooth skin


Diode laser hair removal is a painless and effective method with a long lasting result. It is based on the emission of light of different wavelengths, which is absorbed by melanin and hemoglobin and converted to heat and destroys the stem cells of the root of the hair.

The STARDUST MED diode laser is the latest device to combine three different wavelengths, reliably removing hairs of different colors and thicknesses, and different hair root depths. For this reason it is suitable for epilation in persons of all skin types.

The epilation process is painless and the complications and side effects are short-lived and negligible. The number of treatments to achieve complete hair removal in a particular region depends on the skin type and individual physiological characteristics. Since the laser beam acts on the root of the hair in growth, several successive treatments are required to completely remove unwanted hair. Most complete epilation is achieved after 6 to 10 treatments at intervals of one month.

Laser Hair Removal Preparation

Ten days prior to laser hair removal, hair must not be waxed or epilated. In the area to be treated, the hair should be removed with a razor 24 hours prior to treatment. It is also forbidden to sunbathe for two weeks before treatment.

After laser hair removal

Do not expose the treated region to the sun for a week, and afterwards sunbathing with SPF 50 creams is allowed.

Contraindications for laser hair removal

This method of epilation is not suitable for people with pacemaker, epilepsy, spastic paresis, pregnant and lactating women, people with inflammatory and allergic skin changes and tattoos in the area to be treated, people taking vitamins A and K, and people with open wounds in the area to be treated.