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Minimally invasive techniques, which have become the most common procedures in aesthetic surgery in the last decade, are used to improve quality of life by raising the patient’s self -confidence. Fillers are products which are injected to correct wrinkles, enlarge or reshape lips, cheeks, or chins, as well as to correct deformities or scars. Compared to standard surgical techniques, these procedures are significantly less invasive, accompanied by a considerably shorter recovery period and a smaller percentage of side-effects and complications. Regarding their effect and duration, fillers are classified into two large groups: absorbent (which get absorbed and disappear within 4 to 24 months) and non-absorbent or permanent fillers. The procedure, which lasts approximately 30 minutes, is performed upon anesthetization of the skin with anesthetic cream or by means of nerve-block anesthesia.


Restylane 1 mL
Restylane 1 mL Restylane 1 mL