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Reconstructive surgery

Correction is possible in the case of raised or depressed scars, stair-step scars, scars tethered to underlying structures or those causing contractures and functional impairment, scars containing foreign bodies, or scars that cause imbalances of the aesthetic units of the face. The ideal timing for correction is one year after the development of the scar. In the case of functional impairment (contractures of large joints, contractures of the fingers) the procedure should be done even earlier. In most cases, scar correction is performed under local anesthesia. The most common correction procedures are dermabrasion, scar resection and direct wound closure in anatomical layers, Z-plasty, W-plasty, reconstruction with skin grafts or local flaps, and the use of tissue expanders.

Newer procedures scar correction are: lipofilling (stem cell transplantation), injectable HA fillers in the area of scars, and correction of scars creams with a high concentration of vitamin A (ZO Skin Health).