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Hand surgery

Tumors of the hand are usually benign. The most common types of these tumors are ganglion cysts, giant cell tumors of the tendon sheath, epidermoid cysts, and glomus tumors. Other numerous tumors of the soft tissues of the hand (lipomas, fibromas, hemangiomas, skin carcinomas, melanomas, etc.), cartilage (osteochondromas, chondrosarcomas, etc.), and hand bones (osteomas, cysts, osteosarcomas, etc.) occur much more rarely. The basic aims of hand tumor treatment are removal of the tumor and local control of the disease, along with maintaining or regaining hand function. Surgical treatment, depending on the type and site of the tumor as well as its malignant potential, comprises a number of surgical procedures ranging from local excision to amputation. Surgery is commonly performed under local anesthesia or axillary block. All hand surgeries are performed under tourniquet and with the use of surgical loupes.