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Professor Mladen Stanec, MD, PhD

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Prof.dr.sc. Mladen Stanec, dr.med.

Born:19. September 1958
Place of birth: Karlovac, RH
High School: Gimnazija Samobor
High School Graduation: 1977
University of Zagreb, Medical Faculty: 1977/1982
Graduation: 22. July 1982
General Medicine Residency: Dom zdravlja Samobor
Surgical residency: 1988/1992, Klinika za tumore, Zagreb
Degree of MD-Surgeon: 24. April 1992
Postgraduate Study- Oncology – Medical Faculty,Zagreb: 1989/1991
Master of Science: 31. March 1999 
Assistent: 28. October 2002.
 PhD Title: 15.September 2004 Faculty of Science Zagreb
Title of primaries: 2005
Head surgeon of surgical oncology department: 2006
Subspecialty training in abdominal surgery, date of the exam: 19.February 2007
Subspecialty training in plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery, date of the exam: 6.June 2008.


European oncological Institute, Milano, Italija: 1992,1998, 2000, 2004,2006

National oncological Institute,  Budapest, Mađarska. 1999, 2000

Clinical Hospital Dubrava, Zagreb, Hrvatska: 2005-2008

Cleveland Clinic, Miami, Florida, SAD: 2008