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Iva Dediol, MD

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Iva Dediol, dr. med

Iva Dediol is a specialist in dermatology and venerology at the Clinic for Skin and Sex Diseases of KBC Sestre milosrdnice. After graduation, he was employed as a research fellow at the scientific project of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of Croatia "Psychological Status of Patients with Different Dermatoses and Malignant Skin Diseases" and at the same time taught dermatovenerology at Mlinarska Medical School. In 2017 he defended the subject of PhD "Quality of life and psychiatric comorbidity in dermatovenerology patients" at the postgraduate doctoral study in Biomedicine and Health at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zagreb.

Clinical experience has gained in the field of psoriasis and pediatric dermatology. He participates as the principal researcher of scientific studies in the psoriasis area, and is also the head of the Atopic School - an educational program for parents and children with atopic dermatitis at the Clinic for Skin and Sex Diseases of KBC Sestre milosrdnice. She has been a lecturer at several international and national scientific conferences and has published numerous scientific articles and summaries as an author and co-author in scientific journals and book summaries. He is also the author of book chapters.

He is a member of numerous companies including the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology, the European Society for Pediatric Dermatology, the Association of Women in Dermatology and the Croatian Dermatovenerology Society. She has attended numerous international and national courses in the areas of dermatoscopy, pediatric dermatovenerology and psoriasis. She received the awards of societies in dermatology.