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dr. sc. Iva Bešlić, MD

Edumed team

Dr. sc. Iva Bešlić dr.med.


Faculties of Medicine, University of Zagreb 2006-2012

Postgraduate  study                                     2017-2022

Dissertation                   &nbSP; ;                         ;                  2022

Specialization in Dermatovenereology at KBC Sr. Milosrdnice, Zagreb 2019-2023


 Work experience:

2014 work in Šcollege medicine at ZZJZ dr A.Štampar,Zagreb

 2015-2019 General medicine, DZ Zagreb istok

2019 -2023  in the Clinic for Dermatovenereology “ Sr. Milosrdnice“ .Zagreb

Professional-scientific activity:

Participated in numerous congresses and symposia in the field of dermatovenerology.

Published dozens of professional and scientific papers in the field of dermatovenerology

 Finished education in Dermatology at  PD courses in 2016 and 2017.